Desktop Scanner

Specification of the Desktop Scanner :

Software synchronization of the scanner and the HYSPIM

Scanning length : 200 mm

Scanning resolution : 0.05 mm

Four halogen light sources

Software for data acquisition : Windows 10

Power supply : 110V-220V

Scanner connection: USB 2

HYSPIM connection: USB 3

Desktop HYSPIM


Vertical Movment:

The height of the camera and light sources are adjusted manually that will change the spatial resolution of the system


Horizintical Movment:

For recording a cube data by push-broom technique, the sample is translated using a moving linear stage. A software controls the speed of the motorized stage and speed of the HYSPIM in order to get the requested spatial resolution.


Light sources

4 Halogen lamps are illuminating the sample. A uniform illumination is provided by adjusting the orientation and height of the lamps